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Astrophysics Seminar Calendar
Fall 2011

Astrophysics seminars are held at 3:00 PM on Fridays in room 385E with refreshments following in room 332W. Abstracts are here.

September 9
Daniel Mortlock (Imperial College London)
"Searching for redshift ~7 quasars with UKIDSS"
September 16
no seminar
September 23
Maryam Modjaz (NYU)
"Stellar Forensics with Explosions: Supernovae, GRBs, and their Environments"
September 30
Claire Lackner (Princeton)
"Astrophysically Motivated Bulge-disk decompositions in the SDSS"
October 7
Kathryn Johnston (Columbia)
"Reading the Elements"
October 14
Dale Kocevski (UC Santa Cruz)
"What the CANDELS Survey is Telling us about AGN Host Galaxies at z~2"
October 21
Lucia Guaita (Stockholm University)
" Lyman alpha emitters: galaxies with active star formation and something else"
October 28
Tri-state Astronomy meeting -- no seminar
November 4
Sebastian Lepine (AMNH)
"Real estate within 100 parsecs of the Sun: a census of local M dwarfs for exoplanet surveys and Galactic archaeology"
November 11
Roban Kramer (ETH Zurich)
" The Unseen Sources of Early Enrichment and Reionization:  Explanations for the Evolution of C IV Density at z = 5-6"
November 18
Gurtina Besla (Columbia)
"The Role of Dwarf Galaxy Interactions in Shaping the Magellanic System and Implications for Magellanic Irregulars and Dwarf Spheroidals"
November 25
Thanksgiving break -- no seminar
December 2
Jeno Sokoloski (Columbia)
December 9
Rosalba Perna (U. Colorado)
"Gamma-Ray Bursts as Tools for Extragalactic Astrophysics and Cosmology"

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