Astrophysics Seminar and Colloquium Calendar
Spring 2009

The astrophysics seminars are held at 3:00 PM on Fridays in room 385E with refreshements to follow in room 332W. Departmental colloquia are at 4:45 PM on Wednesdays in the Physics Lecture Hall preceeded by coffee and cookies at 4:30PM. Special dates and/or times are noted in bold in the table below.

Date/Time Location Speaker Title (Abstract)
Fri, Jan 23
3:00 PM
Serin 385E Viviana Acquaviva
Cosmic acceleration: dark energy or modified gravity?
Fri, Jan 30 No seminar  
Fri, Feb. 6
3:00 PM
Serin 385E Mordecai-Mark Mac Low
American Museum of Natural History
Control of Star Formation by Gravitational Instability
Fri, Feb. 13
3:00 PM
Serin 385E Charlie Conroy
The Stellar Population Synthesis Technique
Wed, Feb. 18
4:45 PM
Physics Lecture Hall Gail McLaughlin
N.C. State
Stellar Explosions, Neutrinos and Nucleosynthesis
Fri, Feb. 20 No seminar  
Fri, Feb. 27 No seminar Microsymposium in Princeton Construction and Evolution of the Galaxy
Fri, Mar. 6
3:00 PM
Serin 385E Kevin Schawinski
The Role of AGN in the Great Migration of Galaxies
from the Blue Cloud to the Red Sequence
Fri, Mar. 13
3:00 PM
Serin 385E Mark Clampin
Goddard Space Flight Center
The James Webb Space Telescope and its Potential for Exoplanet Science
Fri, Mar. 20 No seminar Spring Break
Fri, Mar. 27
3:00 PM
Serin 385E Minh Huynh
Insights into Galaxy Evolution from Deep Spitzer Far Infrared Surveys
Fri, Apr. 3
3:00 PM
Serin 385E John Moustakas
Ten Billion Years of Chemical Evolution in Star-Forming Galaxies
Fri, Apr. 10
3:00 PM
Serin 385E Luciana Bianchi
Johns Hopkins
Star Formation in the Local Universe
Wed, Apr 15
4:45 PM
Physics Lecture Hall Jim Braatz
National Radio Astronomy Observatory
Megamasers, the Hubble Constant, and Dark Energy
Fri, Apr. 17
3:00 PM
Serin 385E Vikram Dwarkadas
University of Chicago
Winds, Bubbles and Supernovae
Fri, Apr. 24 No seminar Decadal Review Town Meeting at American Museum of Natural History
Fri, May 1
3:00 PM
Serin 385E Inese Ivans
Carnegie Observatories & Princeton University
Clues to the Building Blocks of the Universe from Old Stellar Populations
and their Chemical Compositions


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