Ali Baba & The 40 Thieves: An Extremely High Resolution Dwarf Galaxy Simulation

Ferah Munshi (Rutgers)

Dwarf galaxies provide a very important and intriguing laboratory for the study of star formation and dark matter physics. In this talk, I will show results from a fully cosmological, extremely high-resolution LCDM simulation of a cosmological sheet of dwarf galaxies, utilizing the new state-of-the art N-body + SPH code, ChaNGa. The present-day virial masses of these dwarfs are all SMC-sized and smaller, with excellent agreement to the present-day Stellar to Halo Mass (SMHM) relationship, realistic colors, low star formation rates, in addition to realistic baryon fractions and metallicities. With resolution on the order of parsecs, I will quantify the the scatter in the low mass end of the SMHM relation, show the effects of baryon physics on dark matter profiles in addition to results on feedback-driven age and metallicity gradients at z=0.