Rutgers Astrophysics Seminar and Colloquium Calendar
Fall 2018

Astrophysics seminars are held at 1:30 PM on Thursdays in room 401, with refreshments to follow in room W332. Departmental colloquia are at 10:30 AM on Wednesdays in the Physics Lecture Hall. Special dates and/or times are noted in bold in the table below.

Date/Time Location Speaker Title Hosts
Wed Sep 12
10:30 AM
Physics Lecture Hall Alyson Brooks (Rutgers) Understanding Dwarf Galaxies in order to Understand Dark Matter Eric
Thu Sep 27
1:30 PM
Serin 401 David Alonso (Oxford) One Universe, Different Lenses Eric/Adam
Thu Oct 4
1:30 PM
Serin 401 Daniel Tamayo (Princeton) Dynamical chaos as a tool for elucidating exoplanetary system architectures Tad/Kyle
Thu Oct 11
1:30 PM
Serin 401 Chiara Mingarelli (Flatiron/CCA) Pulsar Timing Arrays: The Next Window to Open on the Gravitational-Wave Universe Mi/Yssavo
Wed Oct 17
10:30 AM
Physics Lecture Hall Phil Marshall (SLAC) Probing Dark Energy with Strong Gravitational Lensing and LSST Eric/Humna
Thu Oct 18
  no seminar    
Thu Oct 25
1:30 PM
Serin 401 Elinor Medezinski (Princeton) Weighing Galaxy Clusters with Weak Lensing in Hyper Suprime-Cam Survey Saurabh/Peter
Thu Nov 1
1:30 PM
Serin 401 Ashlee Wilkins (AAS) Science and Space Policy and You (Yes, You!) in the Current Era Andrew/Jesse
Thu Nov 8
1:30 PM
Serin 401 Danilo Marchesini (Tufts) The Increasing Importance of Dust in Massive Galaxies in the Early Universe Alyson/John
Thu Nov 15
1:30 PM
Serin 401 Elena Murchikova (IAS) Detection of Cool Accretion Disk around the Galactic Centre Black Hole Sagittarius A* Andrew/Anthony
Thu Nov 22
  no seminar (Thanksgiving)    
Thu Nov 29
1:30 PM
Serin 401 Kyoung-Soo Lee (Purdue) Cosmic Mega-city: galaxy constituents in a Coma progenitor at z>3 Eric/Charlotte
Wed Dec 5
10:30 AM
Physics Lecture Hall Betsy Barton (Renaissance Technologies) The 2018 Boyd Colloquium: From Physics to Finance Andrew
Thu Dec 6
1:30 PM
Serin 401 Lorenzo Sironi (Columbia) Fast and furious: magnetic reconnection in relativistic jets and black hole coronae Jack/Ray

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